This is the most commonly used media for gravity filter systems. The coarse short staple fibres of the wood pulp based media create a relatively weak product. However, the gravity feed mesh belts sufficiently support the versatile filter paper. Viscose suits most fluids offering nominal filtration from 15 - 50 micron.

Grade Weight Material Tensile Strength
Coarse 20g/sqm 100% Viscose (with binder) MD 32 N/5cm
CD10 N/5cm
Semi Coarse 25g/sqm 100% Viscose (with binder) MD 48 N/5cm
CD12 N/5cm
Medium 35g/sqm 100% Viscose (with binder) MD 60 N/5cm
CD18 N/5cm
Fine 50g/sqm 100% Viscose (with binder) MD 70 N/5cm
CD24 N/5cm
Extra Fine 65g/sqm 100% Viscose (with binder) D 115 N/5cm
CD 40 N/5CMcm
Download the Viscose data sheet

Polypropylene Needle felt

Filter rolls are extensively used for machine tool coolants and cutting & lubricating fluids found throughout the metalworking industry. Our polypropylene media is widely used in applications where standard Viscose rolls are not strong or efficient enough or where extra fine filtration is required. When in operation the polypropylene filter rolls filter the contaminant, building up an efficient filter cake.

Grade Weight Material Tensile Strength
PP50 100g/sqm 100% Polypropylene Needlefelt MD 130 N/5cm
CD 100 N/5cm
PP70 150g/sqm 100% Polypropylene Needlefelt MD 185 N/5cm
CD 150 N/5cm
Download the Polypropylene Needle felt data sheet

Polyester Needle felt

This media is ideally used in fine contamination applications where high dirt loading is expected. The depth of the media provides better levels of filtration, typically 10 - 15 micron nominal in addition to longer filter life compared to SBPP.

Grade Weight Material Tensile Strength
PE100 100g/sqm 100% Polyester Needlefelt MD 170 N/5cm
CD 220 N/5cm
PE150 150g/sqm 100% Polyester Needlefelt MD 250 N/5cm
CD 350 N/5cm
Download the Polyester Needle felt data sheet