In Process Filtration

Direct Filtration offers you industry-leading knowledge and advice. When it comes to process filters, from basic pump protection to coolant filtration, we set the standard for the Process Filtration sector.

Filters are crucial in many process applications, causing downtime or significant cost if they become blocked or damaged – so ensuring you have the correct, fully operational filter will save you time and money. From basic grinders to milling machines, using a process filter will ensure that coolant is kept clean. This increases service life, protects components and cutting tools, and reduces the amount of coolant that is wasted.

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With Air Filter Media

Direct Filtration understands the importance of attaining the highest air quality possible in the workplace. As an operating division of air quality specialists, Filtermist International, we are committed to providing you with the best filters to achieve this.

Air filter media protects employees, equipment and the environment. It improves indoor air quality and reduces pollution by efficiently removing airborne particulates whilst maintaining proper airflow. We understand that not all particulates can be dealt with in the same way which is why we hold a wide range of products; from synthetic media to high specification HEPA filters, Direct Filtration provides the best filters for your specific application.

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