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As a long-standing supplier to Cromwell Tools, Direct Filtration was delighted to take part in the company’s 2016 ‘Event’ at Donington Park last week. 

Product Manager Grant Tyrer and Sales Executive Lisa Hill were on hand to discuss how our wide range of process fluid filtration and air filter media products can result in a number of operational improvements.

Identifying the best type of media for specific applications can reduce coolant wastage and machine downtime, contribute towards a cleaner working environment and even improve surface finish.

Grant elaborates, “Last week’s show provided a great opportunity for us to physically demonstrate the difference between various types of media and made it much easier for visitors to see how they could achieve significant improvements by simply switching to an alternative product.”

Direct Filtration offered all Event visitors an opportunity to book a free, no obligation process filtration improvement review. “A number of people took us up on our offer to visit their premises and review their current filtration systems,” continues Grant. “A range of factors can impact on a system’s effectiveness so it’s often best to see it first hand as any issues can usually be quickly identified.”

If you think your current process fluid or air filtration could be better, contact our team to book a free, no obligation visit from our experts.