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Wild about new filter paper!

24 November 2015

Perhaps unsurprisingly, it’s not often that we can honestly say a customer is excited about filter paper, but Wild Manufacturing proved an exception to that rule when our product manager Grant Tyrer recently visited its production facility in Birmingham.

Part of the Wild Group which has facilities in the UK, Hungary and Germany, Wild Manufacturing in Birmingham makes precision engineered metal components for OEMs and first tier suppliers to the global automotive industry.

A recent process filter roll upgrade to a 100% Polypropylene paper resulted in one of Wild’s engineers commenting “This is the best filter paper we’ve used in years!”

Wild Manufacturing has bought non woven filter rolls for coolant filtration from Direct Filtration for more than three years, but recently changed from a viscose product to a more robust coarse grade filter made from 100% Polypropylene.

The new paper offers superior tensile strength to the previous product, meaning coolant can easily penetrate the paper without tearing. This makes the filtration process far more efficient as it is faster and downtime is minimised.

Grant explains, “The previous paper was working for Wild, but we felt that the process could be improved by switching to a stronger product. The higher tensile strength means that coolant doesn’t pool on the surface of the media, meaning Wild is just left with the ‘cake’ of swarf and metal chips which can easily be disposed of.

“Clean coolant is then recycled back to the various machines for re-use which reduces overheads for the customer. We are really pleased that Wild is so happy with the new product and it just goes to show the benefits that can be achieved by something as simple as changing to a different type of filter media.”

This short film shows Wild Manufacturing’s coolant filtration process in action – clearly demonstrating the strength of the new filter roll.

Wild offers a range of services in-house including Stamping, Fine Blanking, Deep Drawing, Precision Machining, Fine Grinding, and Welding & Assembly so effective coolant filtration is vital. 

Direct Filtration has more than 10 years’ experience of filter media for industrial filtration applications and is ideally placed to share its expertise with customers throughout the UK.

The company offers a wide range of filter media for Process Filters, Air Filter Media and Hydraulic Filters all backed by the extensive industry expertise afforded by being an operating division of Filtermist.

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