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Production downtime can be a costly issue for manufacturers in all sectors, however there are a number of steps machine operators can take to minimise the likelihood of unscheduled interruptions – including ensuring machine tools are using the best filtration available for the specific application it’s carrying out.

Grant Tyrer, Product Manager, highlights the essential role effective filtration plays in manufacturing processes and the benefits that can be achieved by consulting with an expert.

Filter rolls are one of the most cost effective and versatile solutions for a variety of applications, including processing machine tool coolants, and cutting and lubricating fluids found in the metal working industry.

“As all machine operators know only too well, the primary function of a filter roll is to provide a medium to facilitate the clear separation of particulates from a liquid - the extent to which depends upon the type of application being used. For each application process, the most appropriate medium must be carefully considered to achieve the most effective filtration and ensure the best results. 

“We frequently find that machine tool operators underestimate the importance of effective filtration - our customers have reported a number of benefits including reduced costs, less production down-time and lower lead time simply by ensuring they're using the best product for their specific application." 

Direct Filtration recently helped a customer that manufactures components used in the aerospace industry to significantly reduce downtime by switching the type of filter media it was using.                              

Grant continues, “This particular customer turned to Direct Filtration to find out if there was a way it could overcome a problem it was experiencing with the standard viscose grade product it had been using for filtering metallic particulates from coolant for many years.

“The application has quite a robust filter track which occasionally caused the filter paper to tear and bypass – resulting in unnecessary production downtime. Having discussed the issues caused as a result of using the standard grade product, we advised the customer to trial a mixed grade filter roll with a higher tensile strength and the results have been very good.

“The application is now running more efficiently and the machine operators are no longer experiencing tearing of the filter rolls. Our customer was so happy with the outcome that it is now trialling the same grade on various other machines.”

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