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Direct Filtration is pleased to highlight its DP Series 100% Viscose Filter Rolls – part of the Process Filters range.

We have made it a priority to carry a wide selection of quality viscose filter rolls as we understand the importance of having filters you can rely on to keep the workplace running smoothly.

Our filter rolls are made from 100% viscose and are thermally bonded, making the material more durable and also providing a cost effective solution for removing a range of particulates from any recycling coolant system using a gravity flatbed.

One of the key advantages to using a viscose filter roll is its versatility; it can be used in a variety of applications including grinding, honing and lapping and can also be ordered in various weights (grams per square metre), micron ratings (µ) and widths

Grant Tyrer, Product Manager, comments, "Viscose rolls are one of our most popular products. The fact that they can be used in various applications makes them ideal for different industry sectors."

Viscose filter rolls, as well as Direct Filtration’s other Air, Process and Hydraulic filters, help to avoid the most common problems in the workplace such as downtime and shortened machine life.

Grant continues to say, "We always endeavour to ensure we offer our customers the most suitable and quality product as well keeping our prices competitive."

Find out more about our DP Series 100% Viscose Filter Rolls and other Process Filter products by contacting the Sales team.