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Direct Filtration caters for a wide variety of industries such as automotive, aerospace, chemical production and water treatment, but its range of filter products is also ideal for applications within the food and beverage industry.

Filtration in the food industry is key for a variety of reasons including maintaining hygiene levels and removing harmful bacteria and other particulates. The food and beverage industry tends to have strict criteria due to the nature of the products being produced which requires specific type of filtration.

Hider Foods, a specialist in processing and packing nuts and dried fruit, sought our assistance with the filtering of oil used in the processing of its nut products due to a quality and efficiency improvement project which highlighted that the oil filtration stage was a potential area for improvement.   

During the roasting process, the oil is continuously recirculated through a filter system with the filter paper acting as the substrate to remove the fine fryer debris which can both detract from the product quality and also shorten the useable life of the oil.

With over ten year’s industry knowledge, Direct Filtration was able to provide Hider Foods with added insight and technical support to identify the most suitable filter material for the application. A FDA approved DP Series Viscose roll was chosen as the best option; the improved technical specification of the roll resulted in adding process life to the oil by approximately 25% which in turn reduced costs whilst also improving the quality of the product.

In addition, Direct Filtration was also able to supply the roll in a bespoke width to better suit the process, a requirement which Hider’s previous supplier was unable to provide.

A spokesperson from Hider Foods commented, "The technical support we received from Direct Filtration was clear and incisive. Product Manager, Grant Tyrer, took the time to visit us onsite to discuss our requirements and to see the application in action which really helped to explain the whole process better. On top of this, the fact that the roll was priced competitively made it a win, win situation."   

Hider Foods, a family run business first established in 1965, is a fine food wholesaler as well as a processor and packer of nuts and dried fruit. With its wide variety of products, including nuts, snacks, dried fruit, confectionary and pulses, Hider Foods is linked to many sectors and household names. To view Hider Food’s range of products visit

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