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Direct Filtration is pleased to be providing its newest customer with unrivalled technical expertise in preventative maintenance and process improvement.

Based in the South East of England, Kent Cams has manufactured specialist and high performance components for over thirty years and prides itself on being a world leader in its field.

In the production of these components, Kent Cams was originally using a polypropylene needlefelt filter roll within a flatbed system. While running the process, operators kept noticing significant stretching and shrinking of the filter roll which meant the full width of the filter track was not being used - causing bypass and process issues downstream.

Following a visit from Direct Filtration’s Product Manager, Grant Tyrer, the recommendation was made to implement a stronger more durable material with additional weight. As a result, Kent Cams agreed to trial a filter roll with a Polyester needlefelt grade.

Grant revisited the customer to follow up on how successful the four week trial had been, reporting that the new filter roll had been a success and the customer was no longer experiencing any stretching or shrinkage. As a result, the company reported benefitting from far more efficient filtration and as a consequence the coolant was protected and maintained throughout.

Although the filter roll was slightly more expensive than the previous product, the customer decided that the quality and effectiveness outweighed the extra cost - highlighting Direct Filtration’s ability to provide the most suitable product to fulfil the customers’ requirements.

Kent Cams supplies components used in competition racing cars to the world’s leading motorsport engine builders and their camshafts are used in global championships including the World Rally Championships and Superbike Championships. To view Kent Cams range of products visit

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